Healing Herb Kitchen Workshop


Come and join Katie from Wild Oak Workshops to Plant your own Healing Herb kitchen planter @ Skylark Garden Centre, Manea road, Wimblington, March PE15 0PE.

Starting with your Galvanised Oval planter Katie will share her knowledge about the importance of No Peat compost and the health of our Soil.

Whilst planting up your 3 Herbs (Mint, Basil, Parsley) chosen from Skylarks healthy herb selection you will also marvel at all the Historical, Mythical, Nutritional and Medicinal virtues of each herb.

Herby refreshments of Fresh Mint Tea, Mint Cordial, Home made Salsa Verde dip with humous and Herb biscuits are all included in the Healing Herb experience.


17th June - Find out more!