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James Wellbeloved Complete 12.5kg or 15kg

Carefully crafted and nutritionally balanced complete dry dog food for the health and wellbeing of adult dogs from 12 months to 7 years.


Glazed and Terracotta Pots

Various sizes, colours and styles of both terracotta and glazed pots.

4 for £12 SAVE £2

Summer Bedding Plants

Plant now for colour all summer!

Solar Flowers

£8 OFF

Vibrant garden decoration that looks great by day and illuminates at night.
Hand painted glass and robust metal construction

5 for £10

Bath Blasters, Creamers and Mallows

Relax in the bath with aromatherapy and essential oils. Let the shea and cocoa butter moisturise your skin. Choose from dozens of varieties to suit your mood.

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Evergreen Complete 4 in 1

Improved formulation helps give you a thicker, tougher lawn. Kills weeds, moss and feeds lawns. Watersmart formula helps build a thick, green lawn with stronger roots that absorb water and nutrients more effectively. This helps protect your lawn against heat drought and stresses.

50 Suet Balls

Only £5 RRP £12.99 SAVE £7.99

High energy suet balls with added seeds, no nets for bird safety and extra nutrients.

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