May Skylark Offer

Here at Skylark, we understand that getting the most from your money is essential. That is why all throughout May, we are offering a special offer to make sure you get just that.

What is the offer?

The offer is simple. For every £100 you spent in store, we will give you a £10 voucher back that can be spent on any product in store in a separate transaction. That £100 can be made up of any product product in store including plants, furniture, bath bombs, candles, animal feed, dog toys.

What if i spend £200?

It works for every £100 spent, so if you spent over £200, you will get a £20 voucher back! But make sure you do hit £100 threshold otherwise you won't get the voucher. So if you're just short of £200, it would be worth making it up so you get the extra £10 voucher!

How long does the offer last?

We are currently planning on keeping the offer running until the end of May 2018.

Café Skylark

Café Skylark

Visit our award winning café and sample our renowned Fenland Breakfast. Enjoy a huge range of food choices all made with locally sourced fresh ingredients.

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