Skylark's NEW Furniture Showroom!

For years, Skylark has sold a range of small furniture pieces from wooden bistro sets, to 2 seater benches. In 2018, we've decided to go bigger and better. We've opened up a furniture showroom with a much larger variety of products than previous years, and they have their own dedicated space! Being the biggest garden centre in Fenland means we need to offer the biggest range possible to please our customers.

Will this be a separate building?

No, you can access the new furniture showroom from the main garden centre. We have gone into our own storage shed to expand the shop. Giving furniture it's own space means we can display it correctly, giving you a better idea of what it will look in your garden fully decorated. We'll also have a member of staff constantly on hand to offer information & guidance on any piece of furniture you need. 

What does this mean for you?

Well, with us offering a bigger range and stocking multiple of the product, we can reduce the retail prices of our furniture. So we'll be offering a larger range than normal, and at a cheaper price than normal! It really does seem too good to be true. 

How will i get my furniture home?

Good question! We understand that not everyone has a car big enough to fit a few big boxes in. This is why we're offering FREE local delivery on all pieces off furniture as well as everything else in the store! We'll also assemble your furniture for FREE. This means you simply come in, choose the product you want and we'll sort the rest, ensuring it reaches your home safely and all prepared for you to enjoy. To see our free delivery area, please click HERE.

Take a look at what we'll be stocking!

Below is just a small taster of what we're stocking in our new furniture showroom! For the full range, please pop in! If we haven't quite got what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to ask a member of staff to see if we can source what you need.

Bistro Sets

Bistro sets are great to have a nice, relaxing meal outside with your partner or a family member. They don't take up too much room and we even stock some foldable bistros, making life even easier when you need the space. We have a range of wood, steel, aluminium and rattan to choose from, with the aluminium & rattan coming with season proof cushions, meaning you can leave them out all year round, wind or snow they'll survive.


If you spend a lot of time making your garden look great, you want somewhere comfy to admire it over a nice warm drink in the morning. Benches are a great way to add that final touch to your garden. We have a great selection of benches as shown below, again we have some foldable options for when you're not using it and need the space.

Bigger Sets

We also stock a range of bigger sets of furniture. 4 & 6 seater sets to enjoy a large family dinner outside in the sun, how about an egg chair to have a lovely afternoon nap in? Again, we have a range of rattan, steel, aluminium & wood to choose from. We even have 'modular' furniture sets, meaning you can take seats out when not needed and they still connect together perfectly, and of course they come with season proof cushions!

Café Skylark

Café Skylark

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